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Mistaken Identity, or Who Cares Because My Book Just Arrived!!!

When I was in graduate school, I received a fan letter — a fan letter!– from a student who was a big fan of my textbook. I looked in the UC Berkeley directory and discovered that there was a mathematician on the faculty with the same name as me.

Recently, I considered using my full name as my URL, but a watercolor artist beat me to it. Too bad. I’ll have to use carolinegrant147 or carolinegrantwriter or some such.

Today, I received an advance copy of Mama, PhD. The cover letter was addressed to another author, about another book — and congratulations to him! — but no matter. The book is here, and it looks great; ask for it in your local bookstore–or order it on line–today!

Pre-Order…. MY BOOK!

Woo-hoo! Mama, PhD has its very own ISBN number and its very own Amazon page (though not yet a cover image that I can share).
I’m a very proud mama, PhD, indeed.

You can learn more about the book, my co-editor, Elrena Evans, and all our incredible contributors at our website. Then click on over to Amazon. It’s never too early to get your order in!