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In other news…

I once tried to write an essay in which I compared my writing to the proverbially ignored third child, but the analogy didn’t seem to hold up and I shelved the piece. And now it’s out of date; I can’t claim that my writing isn’t getting much attention, and I’m grateful for that. But now this blog is becoming that third child — the independent oldest, left alone for long periods while I tend to its younger blog siblings.

At Learning to Eat, I’ve been giving my muffin tin a workout, and offer recipes for blueberry, banana, and vegan banana muffins, as well as pizza. Browse around and you’ll find a balanced meal or two (and the drink to accompany them).

At Mama, PhD, I’ve been invited to participate in a reading at UC Riverside, and posted a video of our recent event at the University of Richmond. So go check them out and I’ll try to update here over the weekend.

A new book, a new blog…

Mama, PhD is just starting to make its way out in the world, and yet my attention is split between that and my new book project, Learning to Eat, which I’m co-editing with Mama, PhD contributor Lisa Harper.

As the book proposal makes the rounds, we’re blogging about feeding our kids. Right now, our summer travels have us writing about learning to eat in Hawaii, in Paris, and on airplanes, but eventually, we’ll get back to where it all started: the kitchen, the playground, the dinner table.

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Friday Night Updates

1. It’s still hot. That’s all I can say about that. My brain is melting.

2. Check out the little blogroll addition: my friend and former Literary Mama columnist Gail Konop Baker is blogging now at Cancer Is a Bitch (also the title of her beautiful soon-to-be-published memoir, which I was lucky enough to read in manuscript). If you feel like venting or talking about food, Gail’s your girl!

3. I’m so connected. If you scroll waaaaaaay down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see that I’m twittering now. I’m not entirely sure what this means, really, but all the cool chicks are doing it (well, really not remotely all of them–Gail’s not (yet!) but many of them.) So follow me, and let me know if you’re over there, too.