Five Lists for A Five Year Old

Five Things Ben Likes To Do
Build with Lincoln logs, tinker toys, and blocks
Play with his friends
Pretend to be Dan Zanes and play a concert

Five Favorite Things

Musical instruments
Tinker Toys
His brother

Five Favorite Foods
Pasta puttanesca
Chard with lemon and garlic
Penne pesto
Dried mango
Chocolate anything

Five Foods He Doesn’t Much Care For
A glass of milk
Butter (acceptable only as an invisible ingredient)

Five Reasons I Love Ben
He says “actually”
He’s (mostly) kind to his brother
He always asks to be excused from the table (even when he happens to be the only one sitting there)
At bedtime, he wants me to cuddle and tell him the story of the day he was born

And extra bonus reason: this morning, he said to me, “At night, I decided I should sneak into your room and gently put this picture on your pillow!” The picture, of a house with some flowers growing in front of it, and a bright sun in the corner, is captioned “Picture of the World, for Mama, from Ben!”

Happy birthday, sweet Ben!!


  1. Marmee says:

    What a wonderful list to document Ben’s life. His lists of favorite foods was so unique, yet not surprising since both his mama and daddy enjoy cooking. I hope he had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday to your Ben! What a sweetheart.

    — Another Ben’s Mom (Jennifer)

  3. Violeta says:

    Aw, Happy Birthday Ben! What a great idea to make those lists on the occassion of his birthday- I may steal that one.

  4. Lilian says:

    Oh, this is such a lovely list!! I may also steal it, we’ll see 🙂

    He sounds like a very dear boy. Kelvin might like to meet him!