Day Three

It’s always a good day when you get to visit two bookstores and eat a nice dinner out.

My parents have visited San Francisco often enough that they don’t need to travel the tourist circuit at all. Instead, there are a couple bookstores that always require a stop, and since we are celebrating a big birthday soon, we even had a legitimate excuse to spend money.

In the evening, the boys’ beloved caregiver came over and the adults went out for a fine meal at the lovely Woodward’s Garden. This restaurant has been on my radar since I first moved to San Francisco, and I’d never eaten there before! It was worth the wait. Nothing fancy, nothing stacked or foamed (and thank goodness, really), but all of it — from the seared scallops with celery and jerusalem artichoke puree, to the truffled mushroom risotto, to the chocolate ganache-bosc pear tart–was creative and delicious.

Today, we’re off to the farmer’s market to find today’s dinner, and then, tonight, the birthday feast cooking begins in earnest!


  1. Lilian says:

    Oh, it sounds like a lovely day indeed! I’m so jealous! Here I am, with my parents as well — but that means that I need to work on the diss like crazy. And hubby just flew to Denver on his own for a conference.

    Happy Birthday to Ben. Kelvin’s birthday is on Friday. We’re having a big Bob the Builder bash… lots of baking and cooking is in store for this week. We’re preparing some of the food and freezing it ahead of time.

    I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow as well! and happy baking! 🙂

    Oh, on a funny note. Two nights ago I had an interesting dream with your family! See how interesting things are? I don’t even know you in person and I’ve only met your sister once years ago at a conference. And yet, from reading your blogs, I feel like I know you!

    So, back to the dream, and sorry for the huge comment! I think you were not supposed to be on it, since I asked your parents (?!) about it. I guess I was attending a party at your sister’s and your parents and other relatives (I have no idea who) were there… we were eating, and in the dream all of a sudden I couldn’t speak English right and communicate with your family. Isn’t that very eerie? (gotta tell Libby to read this comment)

  2. Lilian says:

    oh, Kelvin’s party is next Sunday. We invited lots of kids (from church).