Presenting… Mama, PhD!

And did I mention yet that this is available for pre-order? It’s never too soon to start your 2008 Christmas shopping!

Oh, and no, the book is not 27 pages. More like 288. We’ll get that fixed.


  1. Elrena says:

    If I knew how to put a link in the comments, I’d leave one here, too. 🙂

    Hey, let’s see if that worked!

  2. Elrena says:

    Apparently not. Oh well.

  3. Violeta says:

    I love the cover image!

  4. Gaijin Mama says:

    P.S. Love the Cheerios!

  5. subarctic mama says:

    I love the cover too.

  6. Daphne says:

    Congratulations! Looks fantastic.