Summer Reading

I know it’s October, but I’ve got a new essay, “Summer Reading,” in the issue of MotherVerse available today. The Ben I write about in this essay seems so much younger to me now, I’m glad I captured this moment when I did!

Here’s a little blurb:

I don’t see Ben working to read, although he’s been interested in books and letters since he was a baby. We used to leave a couple boardbooks along with the stuffed otter and doggie in his crib, waking some mornings to the sound of him chattering and turning the thick pages. We called it his morning book group. When he was two, he got interested in what Tony and I did at our laptops hour after hour, and he’d asked to type words, too; I still have some of these files, long lists of his favorite words in giant blue font: “Mama! Dada! Ben! Cookie!”

Click on over to MotherVerse to read the rest; a one-year digital subscription is only $9 and supports the work of wonderful writers and artists.

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