Gone Baby Gone

It’s not been the easiest couple days, so tonight Tony offered to take the boys/kicked me out of the house, and after a happy hour browsing some downtown stores, I found myself buying a ticket for Gone Baby Gone, the new film directed by Ben Affleck.

Now, I was frankly too scared to see Mystic River, the last movie based on a Dennis Lehane novel, so it’s not like I thought this latest, about a child’s abduction, would make for a fun evening. But the reviews had intrigued me, and I thought it might be column fodder.

Well, the problem is, I can’t really write about it until every last one of you goes to see the movie. So go, now, watch the movie. It’s dark (of course), and subtle, and thought-provoking, and offers two of the best performances, by Casey Affleck, as an investigator, and Amy Ryan, as the child’s mother, I’ve seen in a while. It’s not going to give me nightmares, like I’d feared, but it is keeping me thinking.

So go, see the movie, and then let me know so that we can talk.


  1. alsmercer says:

    I’m glad to know you liked this movie Caroline! Dale and I had a rare movie date the other night decided to go to We Own The Night instead of Gone, Baby, Gone and it was a BIG mistake! (We walked out before the end!) I’ll be sure to check your blog for suggestions before our next movie date night…

  2. Violeta says:

    Great timing. Todd and I are planning a short series of actual dates (read: out of the house! wearing going out clothes! without kids!) before Majandra comes home and I was going to email you for movie suggestions. 🙂