Family Sushi Night

Why didn’t we do this sooner? Recently I noticed a few moms handing out sheets of toasted nori to their kids and was reminded what a good snack it is; plus, we go out for sushi every month or so — why not make it at home?

We used:
2 c cooked short grain white rice, tossed with rice vinegar, sugar and salt
one slivered avocado
one slivered carrot
one slivered cucumber
2 slivered sweet potatoes, roasted with sesame oil and soy sauce
1/4 lb shitake mushrooms, sliced and sauteed in a bit of sesame oil
2 eggs scrambled with a bit of rice vinegar

I meant to fry up some tofu, too, but forgot. No matter–we had plenty of fillings, and even some leftover. Making sushi with two kids is a bit of an art project, but they ate a ton and are already dreaming of creative sushi fillings for next time (roasted broccoli! spinach! edamame!)
It’s a good, cheap dinner that everybody likes.


  1. Mom says:

    Oh, my mouth is watering, and I just finished breakfast!

  2. Libby says:

    Becca just mentioned doing this, too! I meant to myself the other day but ended up making fried rice instead…but it’s on my list! Looks fabulous…

  3. Violeta says:

    This reminds me- we got a sushi set for our wedding and have never used it. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Overwhelmed! says:

    My husband would LOVE me if we did something like this at home. He loves, loves, loves sushi. So does my 2 1/2 year old son. Only problem…I’m not really into it. Oh well. 🙂