And the Winner Is…

Kerri Buckley wins a copy of Christina Katz‘s book, The Writer Mama; congratulations! Kerri wrote:

I’d like to take my eight-week class which has helped many people get published in places such as “Mothering Magazine” and “The Oregonian” and condense it into chapters, just as the class is laid out with inspiring tips and quotes from seasoned journalists and new freelancers throughout the book. It will inform through a fool-proof plan, entertain and inspire through the gold gleaned from interviews, fun and quirky exercises, and a way to organize ideas, diagram an article that makes writing it a piece of cake, and how to incorporate art and creativity into your freelancing career, Interviews from my students and my radio show guests will be the frosting on this cake. Adaptable to any topic or market, this book will lead anyone wanting to write for a living by the hand, step by step, to learn the language of freelancing, organization of articles and research, and use of creative methods that may be unconventional, and how to deal with editors and rejections with a smile and renewed enthusiasm! It will be an “Artist’s Way” meets “The Writer’s Digest Guide to Freelance Writing” meets “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

Thanks to everyone who visited for the blog tour, and good luck to you all with your projects.

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