Mama at the Movies: Baby Mama

The first I heard about the movie Baby Mama was when our accountant emailed this poster over and said “They stole your cover design!” Well, I don’t think we had a monopoly on the use of alphabet blocks, but still it somehow triggered a teeny sense of totally unreasonable resentment toward the movie, and that, coupled with a busy summer, meant I never got out to see it.

And then Sarah Palin was nominated for VP, and Tina Fey made Saturday Night Live relevant again, and I thought it might be worth checking out her movie. I wrote about it this week for Literary Mama; here’s an excerpt:

I lost sleep over the election. Partly because of my investment in the outcome, certainly, but also because for the first time since I was in my 20s, I regularly stayed up past my bedtime watching Tina Fey’s sharp Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live. So when my family planned a relaxing weekend away with another family, I thought Fey’s recent comedy Baby Mama would be a good rental to toss in the bag. After a busy day at the pumpkin patch, we settled the kids into their beds and settled ourselves in front of the TV, prepared to be entertained.

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  1. penelope says:

    Last night our news channel spelled out “Daycare” in blocks and I yelled “Hey!!!!!” at the tv on your behalf.

  2. I was warned by a friend with whom I shared my fertility trials that this movie was not funny, and she was RIGHT. I watched it on an airplane, and I still felt gypped, used, sullied, ripped off–why isn’t it funnier? And more compassionate? And more complex? IT’s truly an extended, low, cheap joke at the expense of women of all classes and fertility levels, and I’m really disappointed that Tina and Amy even accepted parts in it. Stinky!