This was a big week for the Grant family, as both boys began new summer programs.

Ben’s attending a language immersion program at the local French-American school in preparation for our trip next month, the first time he’s gone to any kind of class without a parent, or any other kid he knew, or without even visiting the building ahead of time. Typically, he was more concerned about his lunch options than about the whole communication in a foreign language aspect (hmm, I wonder where he gets this from?!) But Tony took him the first day, and Ben quickly found the Lego, so the communication issue was rendered moot: the language of Lego is universal.

Meanwhile, Eli began preschool! After a year away, we’re back at our beloved, rough and tumble co-op, a school recently described in a local paper as the “best educational experience in the Bay Area” (hear that, Stanford?) I took him in and stayed for my work day; later he reported to Tony that he was “half wif Mama, half no Mama.” Today, he did the morning all by himself, and reported to me afterwards, to explain his lack of socks, “Mama, some kids throwed water… and… never mind.” Good boy: handled the water play and isn’t a tattle-tale.

Tony and I are giddy: for the first time in 6 years, 3 months, and 12 days of parenting, we have twelve hours a week of scheduled, reliable childcare.


  1. Gail says:

    the “half wif Mama, half no Mama,” brought memories and tears to my eyes. You’re a sensitive and observant mother..

  2. Margaret says:

    Well, HOORAY! What a milestone for the boys and for their parents!

    So it won’t be long before they’re out and doing everything on their own…. Remember the folk singer, Odetta’s song “Turn around!” ?

  3. Stacey says:

    Wow! I hadn’t really thought about this but we will be in this position too come September- pretty exciting and a little scary all at the same time!