Train Heaven

Amtrak + California State Railroad Museum = two happy boys.

Ben: “I almost forgot that after the train ride, there’s still the whole train museum!”

Eli: “I love this train. I want to stay on this train forever.”


  1. Aww. We did that trip when my girls were very little, and they loved it too. We called it the Anything But A Car trip: we took Amtrak to Sacramento, then a horse carriage to the Train Museum and then ate lunch on a restaurant that is on a boat. BIG fun.

  2. Jennifer says:

    We’ve been thinking about doing this trip forever and your post reminded me that we need to get on that train! Kirby’s birthday is coming up so it’s a good excuse to go…

  3. Daphne says:

    I love the photo with the view from the train and the serious boy contemplating the scenery. You get a whole different viewpoint than from a car. My sons used to love riding Caltrain from SF to Burlingame and going for a bagel, then heading back.

  4. I love the photo and the train-inspired outfit he as on.