Into the snow…

We’ve got one duffel bag packed with four pairs of (borrowed) snow pants, four sets of long johns, four pairs of boots, four warm hats, and four pairs of mittens. The suitcase is still yawning open, with pjs and underwear, pants and shirts spilling out, the book lights, my journal, and an optimistic pile of books stacked on and around it. My “don’t forget” list of things I’ll gather after we’ve finished with them this morning, is on the floor: the boys’ bed buddies, toothbrushes.

We are heading into the snow!

And although I will bring my laptop, I am kind of hoping that we don’t have internet access and I can get some writing done.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. Chris says:

    Your grandfather also didn’t know the difference between “bring” and “take”!

  2. Aliki2006 says:

    Have a great time!

  3. Caroline, when you return there’s a meme waiting for you. You’ve been tagged! 🙂

    3 Pieces of Writing Advice Meme: