Sick Day

I spent most of 6th grade working out ways to avoid going to school. There was nothing particularly terrible about school that year, just your basic pre-adolescent social anxiety, that who-will-I-sit-next-to-in-the-cafeteria, who-will-let-me-stand-around-and-talk-with-them-at-recess kind of thing. I would start my planning the night before an anticipated bad day, weighing the pros and cons of feigning cold, flu, or fever. I knew better than to try heating a thermometer with the light bulb, because I’d read a book in which the girl narrator tries it, and the thing explodes, sending little mercury droplets around the room. Somehow I was successful often enough that I kept doing it, although (unbeknownst to me at the time) I would have been quite a bit more successful if my sister hadn’t done the same thing, seven years earlier. My mother was working full-time by the time I went on my school strike, and so aside from just recognizing the signs, simply couldn’t afford to indulge me.

Today, Ben stayed home from school, and I swear if he were my daughter, if he were older, I’d think he was trying to tell me something. He woke up complaining of a sore throat, threw up his breakfast and then, after I’d made the calls to say he wouldn’t be at school, or at soccer practice, was fine. Skipping around playing a concert fine.

I know he loves school right now. And he certainly didn’t fake throwing up (something I was neither brave nor stupid enough to attempt). So we’ll chalk this up to one off day. But I’ve got my eye on him…


  1. Overwhelmed! says:

    Oooh, sorry that Ben was out sick today. It seems weird to me to have to stay home when my child is sick…mainly because I rarely take sick days from work for myself.

    Hope Ben is feeling better soon.

    Please email me your PIF link when you have it up so I can get you linked in my Pay It Forward Book Exchange October post.


  2. Libby says:

    Both of ours have been home this week–Mariah every day. And I did suspect Nick of the same sixth-grade trick, too–a year early, maybe?

  3. Elrena says:

    I hope Ben is feeling better — physically and/or psychologically, and back to loving school.

    And I tagged you with a meme! Here’s the link if you want to play:

  4. Hope he’s feeling better. Nothing wrong with taking a day off if you feel out of sorts. It’s hard being a kid!

  5. Caroline says:

    It was a brief bug, everybody! thanks for the good wishes. And Cloudscome, you’re right; I was definitely projecting a bit about my own adolescent school anxieties…