What’s Gone, What Remains

What’s Gone:

  • Changing table
  • Cloth diapers (re-purposed now as cleaning rags)
  • Disposable diapers
  • Swim diapers
  • Diaper covers
  • Cloth diaper clips
  • Potty
  • Toilet seat insert
  • Diaper bag
  • Breast pump (hallelujah!)
  • Breast-feeding pillow
  • Nursing bras
  • Bottles
  • Sippy cups
  • Formula
  • Bibs
  • Baby food mill
  • Nubby rubber “toothbrush” for toothless baby
  • Tiny rubber-coated spoons
  • Sectioned infant-feeding bowls
  • High chair
  • Booster seat
  • Bouncy seat
  • Bucket car seat
  • Stroller for bucket car seat
  • Jogging stroller (a nice idea, maybe if I’d had very little babies…)
  • Baby gates
  • Cabinet latches
  • Clothing sized by month
  • Onesies (deep sigh)
  • One-piece footie pjs (long gone, once we discovered Ben slept better if he could reach his belly button)
  • Crib bumper
  • Port-a-crib
  • Teething toys
  • Nasal aspirator (used maybe the first week of Ben’s life? and later—cleaned—as a teether)
  • Rattles
  • Gymini
  • The sound machine that soothed Ben to sleep so well we used it for Eli, too
  • Babies

What remains:

  • Wipes (We will always use wipes. I clean my house with wipes.)
  • Crib (though the bunk bed has been selected)
  • Car seat
  • Boys

Hurray for the boys.


  1. Mom says:

    Three cheers! For you adult types, and for “the boys”!

  2. Violeta says:

    I have to let you know how happy this post made me. (As in, get a huge smile on my face and drag Todd over to read it.) M & J will be about Eli’s age when we move and I’ll be so glad to not take the bulk of this stuff with us!!

  3. Lilian says:

    This is a great post and I just linked to it twice in my latest post (about how torn I am between the desire to have more children and how tough it would be).

  4. Lilian says:

    Oh, and I linked to your blog too, in the post, I just don’t know if I put the right ages for your boys — 5 and 2 or is Eli 3 already?