Father’s Day Reading

Check out all the good Father’s Day reading over at Literary Mama, including Libby’s column, my column, and one of the new features that we have been working hard on: a reading list!


  1. Hey, so glad to find your blog! I now have books to add to my reading list/library hold requests. Thank you!

  2. elrena says:

    Are the Austin books worth reading? I have to confess, I loved the Time Trilogy (Quartet) so much, I didn’t want to read anything else by L’Engle for fear I wouldn’t like it as much! I reread the Time Quartet about once every two years, maybe I should branch out a bit….

  3. Caroline says:

    Elrena, yes! the Austin books are so incredibly worth reading! I might be one of the few people in the world who prefer them (realist that I am) to her Time books…They are not only set firmly in our world, but are set also in worlds that I know and love (northwestern Connecticut, the Episcopal cathedral in NYC), so that helped, but they are wonderful books.