Ten for Ten

4 May 1997: chocolate chip banana bread for a hike on Mt. Tamalpais, Tony’s and my first (blind) date

October 1998: Caesar salad pizza, eaten to the accompaniment of Don Ho recordings and tree toad croakings, while on vacation in Maui

September 1999: margarita pizza and champagne at the Oakville Grocery in Healdsburg to celebrate our engagement

July 2000: butternut squash ravioli in brown butter, spinach salad with fresh raspberries, and an amaretto-infused wedding cake

September 2001: mushroom ravioli, spinach and pear salad with candied walnuts and blue cheese, and chocolate bread pudding, a comfort-foods dinner for friends after the 9/11 attacks

April 2002: asparagus and mushroom fajitas at Chevy’s with 5-week old Ben, our first restaurant meal as a family of three

April 2003: poached salmon with dill sauce, steamed green beans with lemon zest and slivered almonds, and lemon tart – an Easter picnic I made at home and carried to the hospital where Tony’s mom was undergoing cancer treatment

September 2004: tiny servings of extra-sharp cheddar cheese, cherry tomatoes and ice water (while Tony and Ben eat proper meals) during the first trimester of a queasy pregnancy

May 2005: pancakes at the Volunteer Fireman’s Breakfast in downtown Mill Valley, our first big family outing, a week after Eli’s birth

January 2006: tofu with fried basil and onions, veggie spring rolls, pad thai and mussamun curry, take-out, to celebrate our first night home after a year-long renovation

4 May 2007: a poached egg with crème fraiche and snipped chive, served in its shell, balanced on a bed of crystal-clear salt, the 2nd in our 7-course “garden tasting menu” at Fifth Floor Restaurant, a perfect, decadent meal to celebrate ten years.


  1. Violeta says:

    What a great post. Congratulations to you and Tony on your ten years together!

  2. Libby says:

    Yum! Do you keep a food diary, or do you just have a great memory? I can barely tell you what I ate last night, let alone at any significant event in my past. (Though I do know what I ate the day before I had my appendix out, weirdly…)

  3. Lilian says:

    What tasty ten years you two had. You’re truly a gourmet couple! 🙂

    This post has inspired me to record the most memorable meals of out 17 years together too! (but maybe I won’t make a blog post out of it, just because our meals won’t be as gourmet as yours 🙂