A Good Party

It’s a good party when…

  • all the shoes come off
  • kids play duck-duck-goose on the lawn
  • 3 preschool seekers take several minutes to find all the toddler hiders
  • the parents get to eat and talk with other adults
  • everyone gets seconds on cupcakes
  • no one leaves in tears

“Moh pa-pa?” asked Eli afterward, as he fell asleep for his nap.

“No more party,” I told him.

“No moh pa-pa,” he answered; “Good pa-pa.”

Good party, indeed.

One Comment

  1. writermeeg says:

    Hi Caroline — just passing through! I had to ask — what does it say that all the kids are wearing Crocs? It just begs a comment, IMHO. 🙂