Lemon Cake

I keep experimenting with recipes that use whole lemons (peel, pith and all) and having made this twice now (once for my parents, once for my sister and her family, so both times for excellent baking critics!) I think this Meyer Lemon Cake is a winner. You boil the lemons (regular ones or the milder Meyer variety) for thirty minutes or so and then seed and puree them so that you don’t have any big chunks of peel, just lots of intense lemon flavor in a moist cake which uses ground almonds in place of most of the flour.

Try it and let me know what you think!


  1. Susan says:

    That looks absolutely droolworthy. Pucker pucker. I love lemons!

  2. Libby says:

    Yum! I think I’ll have some tonight.

  3. Gaijin Mama says:

    Sounds rea-lly good! I have a question, though. What’s the difference between the pith and the skin?

  4. Caroline says:

    The pith is the white part between the fruit and the thick yellow skin…

  5. Lisa Gates says:

    I just read your post on my site and saw the word “food.” Made me pedal over here pretty fast. Meyer lemons are probably my favorite food and this is a keeper. Thank you.