Chocolate Honey Cake

For my honey, of course, on his birthday.
This is Nigella Lawson’s chocolate honey cake (scroll way down for the recipe), from the chocolate cake hall of fame in Feast. It’s moist and rich, you can mix it all in the food processor, and those little marzipan-almond wing bees are fun to make, like edible play-doh (Wait, says Eli, play-doh isn’t edible?). And they taste good, too.


  1. Libby says:

    It’s gorgeous, Caroline! I hope it was a happy birthday all around…


  2. Elrena says:

    Wow, when are you coming to visit me??

    And I thought I was cool because I pulled off an angel food cake for my hubby’s birthday…. 🙂

  3. Violeta says:

    Beautiful, beautiful cake! I love marzipan too!