Four Valentine’s Days

Kindergarten: I came home for lunch and my mom mysteriously sent me up to my bedroom to await my meal. Moments later she arrived with cream cheese and jelly sandwiches on white bread (white bread! unheard of!), cut into hearts.

2002: I’m a month from my due date with Ben (but as it turned out, only 2 weeks from Ben), standing in the grocery store’s freezer aisle, trying to choose a vanilla ice cream for the brownie ice cream sandwiches I’m making for Tony. A woman walking by looks me up and down and says snarkily, “It’s a little late to be counting calories, isn’t it?” Cow.

2006: My Valentine’s Day dessert does double duty for the Birthday Cake Blog Project I organized to celebrate my sister‘s 45th. It tastes as good as it looks. (But sorry, Libby, I’m not nearly so organized this year!)

2007: This recipe looked so promising, but to be honest, the cake’s a bit too dry, the filling a bit too runny (and why, when a recipe isn’t so great, does it make so much? why??). Still, I will coat them all with ganache, they’ll taste fine, and there’s plenty to share with the preschool staff. Meanwhile, the banner I made (with the hearts Ben cut out to make his valentines) looks just fine. Apparently this year, it’s more of an arts & crafts holiday for me.

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