Day One

The grandparents (my parents) arrived today and everybody is very happy.

Ben made a sign (spelling all the words himself!) that said “Welcome to California! I love you! Love Ben!” and has a picture of a train with a heart on it. After dinner, he lured his granddad up to his bedroom to talk trains and build Lincoln Log structures.

Eli clutched his picture of the six of us (from my parents’ last visit here) and ran back and forth from his Grandma to his Granddad, pointing out everyone in the photograph to them very carefully. He’s added two new words to his vocabulary: Gu-guh and Guh-gah. Context is all with Eli, because those same words also refer to granola, Grover, and Gordo’s Taqueria. We’ll try not to get confused.

And I made dinner! Which I do often enough, but my parents give me an excuse to try breaking out of the “pasta with …” rut. Tonight it was risotto with balsamic glazed mushrooms, a green salad, and braised pears with caramel sauce. Mmmm.


  1. Libby says:

    yum! sounds like a great start to the visit!

  2. Violeta says:

    mmmm, that does sound delicious. enjoy your time together!

  3. Lilian says:

    delicious food and lovely time! I thought it was cute that Eli kept looking at the picture and at them!

    I long for the day when my parents’ visit will be a visit and not them coming to run the household to help us (me) out (deep sigh)…

    (The worst part is not being able to blog about the difficulty of this at all and sort through my feelings. Since my parents could come across it someday and it would be just awful.