How to Make Your Toddler Very Happy

1. Realize that preschooler could serve himself breakfast if the child safety latch were removed from snack cabinet door. Remove child safety latch.

2. Leave open boxes of crackers and cereal within reach.

3. Sit back and watch as toddler runs to cabinet, pauses with hand on doorknob, and then hauls back on it with full force, as usual. This time, to toddler’s great surprise, the cabinet opens. Toddler regains balance quickly and gazes at cabinet door with wonder and delight. Toddler slowly closes door. Toddler runs to watching parent and gives a big hug, then proceeds to run back and forth from cabinet (open and close door) to parent (big hug), grinning all the while, for the next ten minutes.

4. Make sure that kiwis remain out of reach.


  1. Mom says:

    Not only kiwis, but butter!

    The image of kiwis slathered with butter is priceless – and such a creative child that one must be! Does Eli like kiwis?

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh, that’s such a cute, lovely story! cupboards still locked here. But the almost 5 year old can open them already… and he makes his cereal too, that’s such a relief!

  3. larry says:

    I think Eli might be trying to tell you something!

  4. Anonymous says:

    ah, the kiwi-eater is indeed creative, but Eli knows which side the bread is buttered on–a life skill, for sure!