Clean Sweep

If someone from the New York Times photo desk called to set up a shoot at your house, how fast could you be ready? I have a couple friends neat enough that they could spend the time arranging flowers. Not me. But thanks to deep kitchen drawers, Method wipes and a Swiffer, we were photo-ready in 45 minutes.

The back story: a writer friend’s writer friend interviewed Tony for an article on green renovations. If we’re lucky, they’ll illustrate the piece with a picture of Eli, sitting on the bottom shelf of the kitchen island, eating his sunflower seed butter sandwich.

One Comment

  1. Libby says:

    wow, I’m impressed. I’m not sure 45 minutes would be long enough for me. In fact, I’m sure it wouldn’t, despite the fact that we “cleaned” not too long ago to have people over. Sigh. Let us know when it runs!