Train Time

Ben doesn’t want me to play trains with him these days, he really just wants a witness. Or so I thought, since he was always shooting down my innovative track ideas, disagreeing with my notions of which train car could attach to which other train car, etc. So, the other morning, I stood up and started doing some yoga. Ben tolerated this for a couple minutes before saying, “Caroline, how about a little less yoga and a little more trains?”
Duly chastised, I sat down and started pushing my Mike engine (see, he doesn’t even let me touch the Thomas engine) around the track again.


  1. Libby says:

    hmm, I thought I commented on this. Oh, well. Now I’ve blogged it, so I guess that’s enough. But where did my comment go?

  2. Lilian says:

    That’s cute!!

    The problem here at home is their fight over the trains. Kelvin (my 4 year old) is way too bossy and the 2 year old ends up with the “worse” trains… Another problem is trying to curb consumerism. We have a few wooden trains which we got with the DVDs, and a generic wooden track, but I can’t afford the wooden Thomas trains, so we started getting the plastic ones… which come with the little catalog. Now Kelvin wants to buy all of them (sigh)… He was tired of his Thomas and Percy, and I let him use some birthday money to get Gordon and James. Now he says he’s tired of them and wants to get others. I said he’s got to wait until Christmas time…

  3. kate says:

    Ha! Oh well, I guess the yoga will have to wait. I just came from Libby’s blog, so it was an interesting tie-in!