Despite being the daughter and granddaughter of gardeners–farmers, practically–I’ve never had a vegetable garden until now. And I love it. Now, don’t talk to me about your tomatoes; I live in foggy San Francisco. Even during this uncharacteristically warm summer, we’re not getting red tomatoes around here. But the chard and the green beans, they are thriving, and we are watching one single artichoke develop, a tightly closed purple fist in its forest of prickly green leaves. We’re eating out of the garden every night. And it feels like magic.

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  1. Lilian says:

    Oooohh, artichokes! I dream of planting artichokes! I couldn’t here because I read that they yield a better crop in the second year, and we might not be here next year to enjoy it 🙁

    My tomatoes did quite poorly this year. The zucchini is doing great too – I love zucchini!